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High-value logistics

Why PROCAN? There are many reasons.

The most important ones include:


  1. Because the logistics of goods with higher value requires a reliable partner.
    We have 15 years of experience and references from our clients.
  2. Because the logistics partner should offer solutions easy to implement.
    We offer an efficient, complete and above all an original integration acting on the basis of TMS (InterLAN) and WMS (RedPrairie).
  3. Our customers are provided with an online preview, which enables observation of the warehouse processes in real time.
  4. Because in every moment the client should know what is happening with the shipment.
    We record the course of the entire supply chain and provide online information about the status of shipments.
  5. Because the success of a business depends on the flexibility and rapid response.
    We have strategically positioned modern hub storage and a reliable partnership network across Europe.
  6. Because customers need European range.
    All of Europe is within PROCAN reach.
  7. Because the safety of goods with higher value is a priority.
    We provide full insurance of goods in the warehouse.




Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

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